Undergrad sponsored project to redesign current household product packaging.

Software | Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Solidworks & KeyShot.

University Project | Project Poster



Swiffer wet pads are sold in large bulky containers that take up valuable limited space in homes and stores. The design goal is to reduce the amount of space used while providing a unique form.

Initial design included transparent plastic for the body. After further ideation, transparent materials would not work due to visual appearance in different temperatures. If the product was stored in a warm/hot place, condensation would occur and leave a “muggy” look inside of the packaging.

The final material selected is a solid colored polystyrene. Polystyrene’s ability to be colored allows the new design to use more color to help it stand out in store aisles. A design point used was to include cap color to help differentiate available scents.

Design Features

  • Injection molded polystyrene. 

  • Side cap allows removal of wet pad roll. 

  • Lip & Groove seal for both caps. 

  • Tab allows for one handed removal.

  • Top cap allows for single sheet removal. 

  • Shape allows multiple ways to stack. 

  • Design can use the cap color to show the scent. 

  • Embossed logo. 

Final Design