Undergrad sponsored project to create equipment that can expand the use of the Powermax crossfit station. Observational research was done at CrossfitCU in Champaign, IL

Software | Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Solidworks & KeyShot.

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Initial observations from the facility showed,

Heavy use of chalk

  • On the floor mats

  • Pieces/dust on equipment


  • Locker space was only limited to a cubby storage system.

Privacy concerns

  • Visitors to the facility would use progress journals. They were all kept out in the open and available to anyone.

Owner insight of the facility showed,


  • open and safe environment


  • Make existing pieces appear more secure.

  • Will choose price over “new product”

  • Make users more confident in themselves, and the equipment.

Combining interviews and observations, design opportunities began to develop into the following.

Tracking/counting reps

  • Lower the use of chalk to help create a cleaner environment.


  • Crossfit facilities tend to be open rooms leaving limited space for equipment storage. Having a cluttered area can lead to a potential accident/injury.

Product Selection

Market research was conducted on competitor brands for rep tracking systems, chalk control and storage systems. The final design was to be implemented onto current Litania crossfit equipment. For this project the Powermax Max Station was selected due to the equipment being able to use multiple accessories.


Final design utilizes Max Station/accessory design concepts to ensure a cohesive look and feel.


Manufactured using the same material as the current Max Station. Welded together and mounting holes cut into the frame to match the Max Station frame. 


Secured to crossbar of Max Station by two plates and bolts. 


Side railing of the rack includes pre-made holes like the Max Station to allow equipment to be mounted like J-Cups.