Creation of flatware design that combines the design concepts of streamline design.

Software | Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Solidworks & KeyShot.

University Project | Project Process Book



Streamline developed from Art Deco design in architecture. Industrial designers in the 1930’s refi ned many of the ideas and began calling it streamlining. Designers focused primarily on design elements of aerodynamic forms. The automobile industry initially adopted streamlining in the 1930’s but it was also integrated into household products as a decorative design.

Three V’s

Value: Simple

Simple products tend to be less distracting especially for eating utensils. Utensils just need to feel comfortable in the users hand.

  • Forms are designed to make little resistance to the flow of air and water. The form also gives a look of constant movement.

Vessel: Smooth

Having a smooth body in utensils will help the user when it comes to cleaning after eating. Having textures and patterns on the handle can make cleaning more difficult.

  • Many products are associated with the water drop shape.

Validation: Organic

Organic shapes tend to attract consumers due to it’s shape. They stick out from products next to them due to their curvy shapes. Curved shapes tend to give the best grip.

  • Streamlining is associated with the idea of futuristic products and shapes.

Form Exploration


3D Print
Bondo & Primer
Sanded to 1500

Form Improvement

  • All three need to have a thinner body but still maintain the comfortable feeling in the hand.

  • The head of the spoon needs to be wider.

  • The knife needs to have a slightly thinner blade.

  • The head of the fork also needs to be thinner similar to the thickness of the current spoon model.

Final Form