Reusable household product that is used to collect food by-products for easy disposal. Project created for the International Housewares competition.

Software | Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Solidworks & KeyShot.

University Project | Project Process Book

Problem | Sewer Systems

Pouring by-products down the drain from cooking can cause major plumbing issues for homes and cities. Many of these common by-products include meat fats, cooking oil, food scraps, sauces, and dairy products. Draining these by-products can stick to the sides of pipes and build up overtime resulting in clogged pipes.

A tablespoon from one person can add up when it mixes in the sewer.

Clogs from sewers can impact the later stages of water treatment plants.

An average of 36,000 sewer overflows occur in the U.S. annually. 47% of overflows are due to build up from food by-products of fats and oils.

User research/Ideation

A sample group of people who cook on average three or more meals a week that contain oils/fats were surveyed. 60% of the people surveyed, said that they have emptied oils and grease down the drain.

The remainder of the sample group picked between three other options.

Empty Jar - 37.5%

Paper Towels - 50%

Other - 12.5%

Collection & Disposal

Disposal |

  • Can’t drain into sink

  • Cool down before throwing out

  • Empty containers

Collecting |

  • Containers

  • Powder substances

  • Recycled materials

  • Easy to use

  • Easy clean up

Safety |

  • Grease burns on user

  • Grease fires

  • Distance of hand from frying pan

Material & Color

Storage & Cost |

  • Small space use

  • Fits kitchen environment

  • Low cost

  • Multi-use product

  • Reusable

Polypropylene |

  • Dishwasher and food safe.

  • Melting point 320°F.

  • Does not absorb water.

  • Easy to color.

  • Commonly used plastic in kitchen appliances and utensils. 

Color |

  • Most of todays kitchens consist of either black, white, and bright colors.

  • Using a bright tinted plastic will allow the container to be seen easily.

Mock-up testing

Final mock-ups and ideation lead to the use of an absorbing powder with a re-useable scoop system. Three affordable common ingredients were selected and tested for absorption rate.

Baking Soda - Clean up | Medium

Corn Starch - Clean up | Hard

Flour - Clean up | Easy

Design improvement

Version 1

Design Changes | Color

Bright colors makes it seem more like a toy rather than a kitchen product. Changing the material to a clear body will allow a better fit and interaction with light.

Final Design